Struggling to fit creativity into your busy life?

Daunted by your creative project?

       Wondering if it’s all worth it?

Gentle Warrior Cali Bird

Welcome to the Gentle Creative

My name is Cali Bird and I love to give gentle, encouraging advice on getting going with your creative project.

I help people find the time and courage to be creative alongside other things that you have to do (like work or take care of your family!)  I’m guessing that you don’t have a trust fund or lots of servants so you are going to have to keep working and/or looking after your family while scratching that creative itch.

Let’s find a way for you to do your creative project in realistic bite-size chunks that fit around the other things you have to do in life.

If you want to write, or make music, or make art, jewellery or crafts (or whatever floats your creative boat) it is easy to get caught up in “will I make money from it?” or “am I good enough?” or “I’m too old to do that”.

Forget all of that rubbish.  Get on and create in the best way that you can just for the sheer joy of doing it.

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Why do we demand perfection from ourselves?

Why do we want our work to be perfect? How is this quest for perfection working out for us? Why do we expect our work to be good, particularly if we are new to our craft? Perfection can stop you creating, make you throw your work in the trash and tells you that you...

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The three most important lessons I have learned about creativity

I’ve been blogging consistently for two years now. Today I would like to share the three most important lessons I have learned in that time about creativity.   Lesson 1: you can only control the inputs not the output I had been writing on Medium for a couple of months...

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Feel like giving up? This is the time to keep going

Have you ever had a project that felt so impossible that you just want to give up? You are so despondent that you no longer care about all the effort you have put in. Perhaps it hasn’t panned out the way you wanted it to, or it has taken much longer than you thought....

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3 ways to tell the inner critic to f**k off and create anyway

There it is again. That voice in your head that tells you your art work is crap, or your writing is appalling or it’s not worth bothering. The inner critic is the same voice that tells you your creative ambitions are too scary and it is best if you stay in your safe...

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