Struggling to fit creativity into your busy life?

Daunted by your creative project?

       Wondering if it’s all worth it?

Gentle Warrior Cali Bird

Welcome to the Gentle Creative

My name is Cali Bird and I love to give gentle, encouraging advice on getting going with your creative project.

I help people find the time and courage to be creative alongside other things that you have to do (like work or take care of your family!)  I’m guessing that you don’t have a trust fund or lots of servants so you are going to have to keep working and/or looking after your family while scratching that creative itch.

Let’s find a way for you to do your creative project in realistic bite-size chunks that fit around the other things you have to do in life.

If you want to write, or make music, or make art, jewellery or crafts (or whatever floats your creative boat) it is easy to get caught up in “will I make money from it?” or “am I good enough?” or “I’m too old to do that”.

Forget all of that rubbish.  Get on and create in the best way that you can just for the sheer joy of doing it.

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Find out how this writer tackles multiple writing projects

This week I am very pleased to welcome Philip Whiteley to the Meet The Artist series. Philip is a seasoned writer whose day job is in corporate writing and ghost-writing. On the side he also writes novels. Despite being a professional writer he spent seventeen years...

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What to do when you are daunted by your creative project

I sat in tears at my computer. Why was I doing this? Was it really necessary? Why had I even started it? Maybe I should abandon the idea. I was so daunted. The task in hand was building the home page for my new website. I am technically minded so it wasn’t beyond my...

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The real reason why you haven’t started your creative project

How many people do you know who are passionate about a creative venture but never do anything about it? Every time you ask them about it, there is always a reason why they haven’t started. One of the main reasons that people procrastinate on a project is because they...

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4 reasons why you don’t give yourself permission to create

One of the common problems I see in would-be creatives is that they are waiting for someone else to give them permission to create. This is not always obvious. For example you might be waiting for someone to publish your book to give you permission to be a “proper”...

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Meet The Artist – Joy Connell

This week I have the great pleasure of introducing you to Joy Connell who works part-time as a nurse and also paints. Read on to discover how Joy manages her time, her very wise attitude to rejection and how she overcomes her doubts. Joy was born in London and moved...

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What measure of success will create value for you?

Recently I have read a lot of articles about success and the effort that it requires. These articles often boil down to instructions to get up early, be super focussed, work long hours and be willing to sacrifice anything for what you are passionate about. There’s...

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