Struggling to fit creativity into your busy life?

Daunted by your creative project?

       Wondering if it’s all worth it?

Gentle Warrior Cali Bird

Welcome to the Gentle Creative

My name is Cali Bird and I love to give gentle, encouraging advice on getting going with your creative project.

I help people find the time and courage to be creative alongside other things that you have to do (like work or take care of your family!)  I’m guessing that you don’t have a trust fund or lots of servants so you are going to have to keep working and/or looking after your family while scratching that creative itch.

Let’s find a way for you to do your creative project in realistic bite-size chunks that fit around the other things you have to do in life.

If you want to write, or make music, or make art, jewellery or crafts (or whatever floats your creative boat) it is easy to get caught up in “will I make money from it?” or “am I good enough?” or “I’m too old to do that”.

Forget all of that rubbish.  Get on and create in the best way that you can just for the sheer joy of doing it.

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20 Lessons From 20 Years Of Writing

It was the 24th August 1999 in New York City. I was earning more money than God but I was bored and unfulfilled. It was a good time to be in the technology sector. There was a lot of money sloshing about. My daily rate was very healthy but my mind wasn’t. My life...

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How To Balance Your Creative Ambition With Your Relationships

Do you recognise any of the following scenarios? You desperately want to work on your art. It’s the weekend at last but now there are other things to do. Shopping, chores, family time, looking after aging relatives. The clear day that you have promised yourself all...

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Is The Great Creator A Myth?

Do you wonder where your art comes from? Do you have ideas which feel too hard to accomplish and yet you are drawn to having a go anyway? Do you wish that you didn’t have these ideas running through your head? Or perhaps you wish that you had more of them because you...

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David Bowie was a failure

Yes, he failed. A lot. Especially in his early days.   Did you know the following about David Bowie? In the 1960s he released nine singles which failed to chart before Space Oddity made it into the top five in the UK. Those singles were with 3 different bands and...

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If I build it, what happens if they don’t come

There is that wonderful scene in the movie Field of Dreams where Kevin Costner is urged to “build it and they will come”. A baseball field in the middle of a cornfield starts to attract great players from the past. Many people in the personal development...

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But why do fear and doubt accompany creativity?

Why is it that fear and doubt go hand in hand with creative activities? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just get on and paint or write or act without being nervous about it, without worrying what people think, without self-sabotage? In the War of Art, Steven...

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