Recent praise for Cali

I’m so excited about your blog, your writing, and you. I love your ideas, your insights, and your creativity! With gratitude, Susan

Susan Snipes

I heard you speak a couple of years ago at a conference thingy and I love your courageous heart and your down to earth, honest approach. I also read Don’t Give Up Your Day Job about 2 years ago and at the risk of a bit of over-dramatisation, it changed my life and set into motion a series of insights and events that is still evolving, and is going to lead (I think and hope) to me fulfilling a life long dream. I love the way your emails pop up every now and then, with heart warming, life changing, inspirational honesty.


I connect a lot to this, it’s like you are describing my life!!

Melissa Elborn

Praise for Don’t Give Up Your Day Job

With tender hands, a clear mind and an encouraging heart, Cali beautifully invites you to take hold of your most cherished dreams and move forward with them to create the life you know you can have.

Nick Williams

Author of The Work We Were Born To Do

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job is a compelling read for anybody who wants to transform their life whilst still working part or full time. Cali Bird is a living testimony of somebody who has transformed her life from within the working world. So many coaching books are formidable because they encourage people to make radical changes or quantum leaps in their lives. Often these steps can appear daunting or over ambitious. This book provides a rich collection of case studies and clever insights from the author’s own journey of success. Learning to tackle your inner gremlins with brilliance and fun makes this book unique in my opinion.

Chris Smith

Daily Telegraph’s Top 20 Health Gurus, London Evening Standard's 50 Most Wanted Health Gurus

Praise from previous talks and workshops

“Nice to see someone who has made her life work without it having to be a big change.”

“I would love to change my lifestyle. I currently find my job too stressful and too mentally involved. I have done this for 20 years and do not want to continue doing this for the next 20 years. I liked Cali’s stepwise approach. It is all common sense really but when you are stuck you cannot think.”

“Often I can’t relate to speakers. I either think they are too different to me, or the opportunities they have won’t happen to me.  I felt Cali’s story was realistic and that I could relate to it and learn from it.”

“It was reassuring to hear Cali’s story and how long it took her to achieve her goals.”

“I would like to do something on the side to my day to day job and wanted some ideas to get started. I liked the baby step solution and the action plan. It was a very good summary and inspirational talk on how to fulfil your dreams.”

From a talk for Escape The City

“I found it very refreshing to have a more natural, less ‘showy’ trainer. Cali talks sense and is very easy to relate to. In the past I have experienced quite obvious ‘motivational trainer’ talk which seems fake in some ways. This was much more down to earth and therefore more engaging and useful!” 

“Cali was very informative, passionate about the subject and came across really well.  It is not just about learning new techniques but also about changing your mindset.”

“Good pace of session and very useful tools. Seemed well tailored to our needs and was made more relevant as the session progressed.”

“Common sense thinking.”

“Cali Bird ran a very good session which was easy to follow and made the session more effective with real life examples”

“This course was superior to many other courses I have done because it dealt with very real problems – things that actually come up in my daily life, as opposed to theoretical situations.” 

“Practical tips … something that I can put into action immediately.”

From corporate training

“Before attending this workshop today I was feeling lost, and afraid.  I am now looking forward to do the things that I wanted to do but could not do.  I am excited, and believe I can achieve my goals.  I now see how I can take small steps to get me ahead.”

“I arrived here feeling completely overwhelmed by all the things I need to achieve in the next few weeks and all the things I have been putting off. Now I have a short-term plan and some realistic long term goals. And if I don’t succeed in achieving everything, it’s no big deal.  This is a good start.”

“Cali is a normal person who has taken control of her life and is creating and living her life as she wants to. This makes it easy to believe we all can too.”

“Coming on the course – just signing up for it – was a declaration of intention to succeed at fulfilling my dreams.  The course itself, while I was fearful and tearful, pulled me through my self doubts and injected me with inspiration about being excited about life and not fearful of it.”

“I found that my time with Cali has equipped me with some valuable tools and a structured framework to achieve my personal goals and those of my company.”

“Cali’s straightforward approach was very refreshing and encouraging.”

“I’ve attended many seminars with top motivational speakers but Cali crystallises many crucial points that are far more important to grasp by being personal and specific to the here and now.”

“I enjoyed the process of find some focus at what was for me a very confusing time. Cali’s teaching style is a wonderful combination of the understated, the knowledgeable and the inspirational.”

From previous workshops