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Do you:

  • Have job that you hate?
  • Wish you could do something more inspiring with your life but are worried that you won’t be able to pay the mortgage?
  • Feel trapped by an endless stream of work and family commitments and wish you could carve out some time for yourself?

Then this book is for you!

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job is full of good news for jaded souls who are on the verge of giving up on their hidden desires. In a pared-down no-nonsense style, this is a practical and realistic ‘how to’ manual to determine what you really want for your life and how you can go about making a start on that in a non-scary and sensible way. As well as offering lots of ideas and easy ways to take action on your goals, Cali teaches how your own inner demons may thwart you, and how you can defeat them and come out on top!

Whether you want to find time for a hobby, start a new business or transition into a new career this book will teach you how to go about doing that while keeping the security of your current pay cheque!

… a compelling read for anybody who wants to transform their life whilst still working part or full time.

Chris Smith

Daily Telegraph's Top 20 Health Gurus

…Cali beautifully invites you to take hold of your most cherished dreams and move forward with them to create the life you know you can have.

Nick Williams

Author of The Work We Were Born To Do

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job