It’s my last blog of the year. And what a year it has been!

You might have had to home-school your kids.

You might have had to fight with your partner to each find a suitable place to work at home.

You might have lost work and money and be dealing with the consequences.

You might have had more work than ever and are stressed from holding it all together.

You might have lost friends or relatives to the virus and be dealing with grief.

And you might have got sick yourself.

It is common for creative people to need to spend a lot of time by themselves. This is certainly true for me. The pandemic hasn’t given us good conditions for this. If you are struggling to find headspace or are permanently one step away from throttling someone you live with – fear not. You are not alone.

Recently I was laughing at this situation with my best friend and we both summed up our frustrations with the permanent presence of our husbands as, “I love you. Now f**k off.”

For all of the above reasons I want to say that it is okay if you haven’t achieved all that you would have liked to this year.

It’s been one hell of a challenging time. The fact that we’re still managing to be here, just about standing, is an amazing achievement in itself. Pat yourself on the back.

We might have started 2020 full of hope and optimism, with some ambitious goals. We had no idea what was coming to us did we?

So please congratulate yourself for anything that you have achieved.

Congratulate yourself on getting through.

Congratulate yourself for all the extra stress and uncertainty that you have had to deal with.

If you have achieved some of those 2020 goals, then a huge well done.

Christmas might be different this year but I wish you a happy time. I hope that you get some rest and renewal. Let’s see what adventures next year brings!

Merry Christmas

Lots of love

Cali xx