The world has changed a lot in the last few days hasn’t it? In the UK, everyone who can is working at home. We are being told not to go out and socialise. Pubs, restaurants and shops are closing. Today is the last day of school until God knows when.

I had to be in London earlier in the week and it was eerily quiet. The station carpark was at half empty weekend levels, rather than the usual overflowing weekday status.

I don’t know about you, but I have struggled with my creative routine. For me this has been more to do with a busy day-job phase, where work has been eating up the little slots in my day that I reserve for writing. But even so, as everything we know ceases to operate, our usual routines can disappear as well.

I remember in the days following 9/11, back in 2001, with so much serious stuff happening in the world, I often thought why am I bothering to write about the Countess and her talking handbags? It seemed too frivolous in the face of life-changing events.

Part of me feels a bit that way now. I was getting all geared up for book launch activities and now my schedule has fallen apart. We have no idea what the next few weeks and months are going to be like.

But it is OK to create. People need at-home entertainment more than ever. We need escapism. We need to be cheered up.

It’s a perfect time to make art, especially as we will be spending more time than usual in our houses. No more distracting social engagements or commuting!

I just want to say, keep doing the best you can. Work on your creative project if you can. Even a few minutes here and there will help you to feel grounded. If your current project isn’t viable then pivot and do something else.

Art is a reflection of life. While none of us are choosing or are thrilled about the current circumstances, they are life. We distil life through our creative filters and produce something that creates value for ourselves and others. What a wonderful thing to do.

I feel like I ought to be offering more words of wisdom and telling you that it will all be OK. In the long run, it probably will be. We’re just going to go through a huge adjustment first! Sometimes I am calm, sometimes I am stressed.

My Buddhist practice is becoming a huge source of strength and the Buddhist writings are buoying my spirit. If any of you want to know more then check out or or drop me a line in the form on the Contact page.

I think that this is a situation where people will need to band together as a community. Together we can pool our strength, wisdom and ingenuity. I am finding that when I reach out to someone else, it helps with my fear and anxiety.

Let’s do the best we can in the coming days, weeks and months. Let’s work on our creative projects and look after ourselves, our families and our communities. I wonder what amazing things will transpire from this time as well as the difficult stuff.

Plodding gently with trepidation

Lots of love

Cali xx