It is so easy to get caught up on the hamster wheel of feeling the constant urge to do more or thinking that your efforts just aren’t enough.

But does it have to be this way?

Recently I have been participating on a programme by Madeleine Forbes of The Seasoned Year which has marked the arrival and passing of Autumn.  Every week we get a wonderful email about the changing season as viewed by various cultures.

Last week’s message was about preparing for the solstice, the time when we reach the shortest day, the darkest night and winter officially begins.

Madeleine wrote:

It’s so easy to find ourselves clinging on to tasks, burdening ourselves with must-dos and will dos. Part of what I love so much about living with the seasons is that when the wheel turns, it takes us with it. We can never be “ahead” or “behind” with where we are – we are here, in this moment, exactly as is meant.

Give yourself a few minutes now, to breathe that in.

Let this moment be enough.

 I loved this concept of “let this be enough” and think it is a valuable lesson in the run up to Christmas when there is so much pressure.


Whatever you have achieved in your creativity this year – let this be enough.

Whatever new connections you have made and friendships you have maintained – let this be enough.

Wherever you have arrived at in your work at this moment – let this be enough.

Wherever you are with your health, diet and fitness – let this be enough.

Wherever you are with your financial goals – let this be enough.

Wherever you are with your most significant relationships – let this be enough.

And most importantly – wherever you are with yourself, right now – let this be enough.

I love how from now on the world goes a little bit quieter. The parties have happened and the work is winding down. Hopefully your Christmas shopping is done and once you have done battle in the supermarket this weekend then you can finally relax.

I find that the period after Christmas can be a reflective and recharging time. If you feel like taking to the sofa with a blanket, a glass of something nice and a box of chocolates, there are brilliant programmes to watch on television. Or it can be a perfect time to hunker down and get some creative work done.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas time, whatever your faith or beliefs. Let’s pat ourselves on the back for what we have done this year – and collectively – let it be enough.

Lots of love

Cali xx