Recently I had the opportunity to write a message for a time capsule that is going to be stored in Parliament. We were encouraged to think about female role models. Even though there are many women I admire I found it hard to pinpoint a single person who had influenced me. Instead I wrote the following:

We can be inspired by other people and we can learn from them. However, each person has to decide to create value in the world, achieving positive change for themselves and for others.  When you make this decision, deep in your heart, there is no stopping you.

You are the person who can have the most profound impact on your life. You are the person who can make a difference.

If we can muster up the courage to be the person we were truly meant to be and to do our best to live up to this on a daily basis then we can lift the life-state of humanity, now and eternally.


This is true of your creativity too

You can be inspired by other people and you can learn from them. But ultimately you have to do your act of creation.

You have something to say.

You can build the skills to say it effectively. This means constantly learning and practising – even when you are displeased with the result.

Your way of presenting your art is unique to you. No one else can fill that gap. We need you to do it.

You have a right to speak freely in any medium that you choose. With that right comes the responsibility to actually do it.

You have to find the permission within to permit yourself to speak. No one else can grant you this.

You are worthy of speaking your truth.


Throughout history it is artists who have processed the truth of what is going on in society. Via their art (in whatever medium that is) the artist presents this back to society in a way that is more easily understood.

Isn’t it wonderful that you have your place within this movement.

You can read the full text of my time capsule message here


I’d love to know what you think

How does it feel to know you can make a difference? Do you feel this? Or are you too scared to even dare to believe that you can make a dent in the universe? Please share in the comments. Thanks.


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